Statement of Charlevoix County Prosecuting Attorney Allen Telgenhof Regarding “Stay Home, Be Safe”

In light of Governor Whitmer’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order of this morning and the actions of Charlevoix County Administration to close the county building, I have directed my co-workers at the Charlevoix County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to stay home until April 13.

As our office performs essential services such as issuing warrants on criminal complaints and attending court hearings involving incarcerated individuals, I will continue to work myself during this time frame. I can be reached at (231) 547-7207 or by e-mail at telgenhofa@

Assistant prosecuting attorneys and our victim advocate will be also available on an as-needed basis to assist police officers and victims during this time. We stand together with law enforcement to keep our county safe during this difficult time.

I hope that all citizens of Charlevoix County will take this executive order very seriously during this critical period. By limiting our contact with others, we can flatten the curve and decrease the demand that will be placed on our health care system.

The best thing that we can do to fight this virus is to stay home and stay safe.

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Bay Township Man Arraigned on Murder Charge

This morning in the 90th District Court, Paul Henry Crest, 82, of Bay Township was arraigned on charges of open murder, assault with intent to murder and two counts of using a firearm during the commission of a felony.

Crest appeared via polycom from the Charlevoix County Jail.

The charges relate to shootings which occurred in Bay Township on Sunday, March 15.

The murder and assault with intent to murder charges both carry a possible maximum penalty of life in prison.

Crest, through his court appointed attorney Christopher Turkelson, stood mute and a not guilty plea was entered on his behalf to all four charges.

Turkelson indicated that he would be requesting psychological evaluations on Crest regarding his competency to stand trial and criminal responsibility.

Judge Angela Lasher scheduled a probable cause conference in the matter for Tuesday, April 7 at 9:30 a.m.

Lasher granted the request of Charlevoix County Prosecuting Attorney Allen Telgenhof that Crest be held without bond at this time, due to the severity of the charges against him.

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Follow Up on Bay Township Shooting Death

Today the Charlevoix County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office issued charges against an 82-year old Bay Township man for open murder, assault with intent to murder and two counts of using a firearm during the commission of felony.

According to police reports, yesterday on March 15, at his Bay Township residence, the man fatally shot a 51-year old woman five times and also shot a 77-year old woman twice. That woman suffered non-life threatening injuries.

The incident arose, according to reports, over the women taking away the man’s car keys and refusing to let him drive his car. A witness reported that the man suffers from dementia.

“The case is charged at this time as open murder which means that if the case were to go to trial, the jury would be asked to decide whether it is murder of the first or second degree,” Charlevoix County Prosecuting Attorney Allen Telgenhof said. “This charge can be modified later based upon new information.”

It is an affirmative defense to a prosecution for a criminal offense that the defendant was legally insane when he committed the acts constituting the offense. An individual is legally insane if, as a result of mental illness or as a result of having an intellectual disability, that person lacks substantial capacity either to appreciate the nature and quality of the wrongfulness of his conduct or to conform his conduct to the requirements of the law. Mental illness or having an intellectual disability does not otherwise constitute a defense of legal insanity.

A defendant has the burden of proving the defense of insanity by a preponderance of the evidence.

If a defendant proposes to raise an insanity defense, they must file a notice of their intention to assert an insanity defense with the court. If this is done, the court shall order the defendant to undergo an examination relating to the insanity claim by the Center for Forensic Psychiatry in Saline.

“We do not have enough information on this individual’s mental health condition and history to draw any conclusions at this time,” Telgenhof said. “Based upon the information and resources available to us, the charges that were filed are the best way to proceed at this time. He and the public are safe at this time.”


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Four Sentenced to Prison in 33rd Circuit Court

This morning, Judge Roy C. Hayes III sentenced four defendants to the Michigan Department of Corrections on felony cases in the 33rd Circuit Court.

Oscar Guillen-Torres, 33, Charlevoix, was sentenced to 38 to 60 months in prison on his conviction of attempting to make a threat of terrorism.

Guillen-Torres was also sentenced to serve 23 to 60 months on a conviction of carrying a concealed weapon and 148 days in jail on a charge of resisting and obstructing a police officer. Those sentences will run concurrent to the 38 to 60-month sentence.

According to affidavits filed in the cases, Guillen-Torres was stopped by police on October 17, 2019 for running a stop sign in the City of East Jordan. A check disclosed that he had no valid drivers license and an outstanding arrest warrant.

Guillen-Torres resisted the officer who attempted to place him under arrest. After he was in custody, searches of his person and his vehicle led to the seizure of four knives, including one with a blade longer than three inches concealed in Guillen-Torres’ boot.

The terrorism charge was related to continued threats Guillen-Torres made to corrections officers at the Charlevoix County Jail, including statements beginning the day after his arrest, October 18.

Guillen-Torres told an officer that he would regret the day he was born and that the officer’s actions toward Guillen-Torres would cost him a hand, a leg and his eyes “just for fun.” He also told the officer that “I swear…I will cut you into so many little pieces” and that his family would find all of his pieces in the garbage.

The defendant also asked other officers for personal information on the corrections officer and told them it would go easier on them if they helped him. Guillen-Torres referred to the corrections officer as “dead man walking.”

The sentences were at the high end of the sentencing guidelines for Guillen-Torres. Court records indicate that Guillen-Torres has no legal status in the United States and that he will likely be the subject of a deportation hearing. His country of origin is Honduras.


Major Jerrel Foreman, 25, Detroit, was sentenced to serve 24 to 240 months with the Michigan Department of Corrections on a charge of possession with the intent to deliver cocaine and 89 days on a charge of attempted resisting and obstructing a police officer. The sentences will run concurrently.

The Joint Operative Law Enforcement Team (“JOLT”), Charlevoix County’s drug team, arrested Foreman on December 14, 2019 when he came with two others to Charlevoix County from Detroit to meet a confidential informant to sell cocaine in the city of East Jordan, according to a police affidavit.

At the Charlevoix County Jail, while booking Foreman, during a search a corrections officer could see a small portion of a bag concealed in Foreman’s anus. The bag was seized and contained 12 grams of crack cocaine, mixed with fentanyl.

According to court records, Foreman had recently been released from federal prison after serving time on a charge for conspiracy with intent to deliver heroin. He was on parole at the time of this offense.


Andrew Michael Green, 30, Charlevoix County, was sentenced to serve 18 to 90 months in prison on a conviction for receiving and concealing a stolen motor vehicle, habitual offender second and 87 days in jail for operating a motor vehicle with the presence of a controlled substance.

According to police, on December 16, 2019, Green was driving a stolen vehicle on M-32 while under the influence of drugs including methamphetamine. Police attempted to stop Green who refused to pull over until he lost control of the vehicle, ending up in a ditch.

Police seized items from inside the vehicle including a glass tube, possibly used as a pipe, and a syringe.

Green had previously been convicted of four felonies and had served time in jail, Department of Corrections bootcamp and prison.


Jeremy John Murphy, 41, Boyne City, was sentenced to 18 to 180 months with the Michigan Department of Corrections with substance abuse services ordered as part of the sentence.

Murphy was convicted of possession of methamphetamine, habitual offender, second, by his guilty plea on March 13.

The Straits Area Narcotics Enforcement team (SANE) received a tip and obtained a search warrant on December 18, 2019 for Murphy’s home in Boyne City. SANE officers seized syringes, baggies, digital scales and other drug paraphernalia, according to a police affidavit filed in the case.

Two of the syringes tested positive for methamphetamine.

Court records indicate that Murphy was previously convicted of three prior drug felonies in the State of Florida from 2006 to 2009.

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Alabama Man Sentenced to Prison for Jail Assault

Shane Michael Crowell, 18, of Gurley, Alabama was sentenced to prison for 18 to 48 months with credit for 87 days served on a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon by Judge Roy C. Hayes of the 33rd Circuit Court in Charlevoix County.

Crowell had pleaded guilty on December 6, admitting that he had struck a fellow inmate at the Charlevoix County Jail with a drinking mug. According to the affidavit of probable cause in the case, the assault was the result of a card game in the jail.

This incident resulted in Crowell’s fourth conviction in seven months. Assault with a dangerous weapon is a felony carrying a maximum penalty of four years in prison.

Crowell was convicted of receiving and concealing a stolen motor vehicle and receiving and concealing a firearm on May 17, 2019 in Charlevoix County. The court file in that matter indicates that Crowell and his brother had stolen vehicles in Alabama and Indiana to get to Michigan. They had also stolen two handguns from vehicles and brought those to Michigan as well.

Police found and arrested Crowell at a residence in Bay Township on March 28, 2019. Crowell was sentenced to ten months in jail on those charges on June 28, 2019.

On May 15, 2019, while those charges were pending, Crowell assaulted a fellow inmate at the Charlevoix County Jail, punching them and placing them in a headlock. According to court documents, this fight was as a result of the victim telling Crowell to pick up a banana peel in his cell.

Crowell pleaded guilty to aggravated assault on June 18 and was sentenced to serve 12 months in jail, concurrent with his pending sentence, on July 2.

Additional charges against the defendant are pending in the State of Alabama.

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Boyne Falls Man Pleads Guilty to Possessing Child Sexually Abusive Material

Tracy Owen Penfold, 57, Boyne Falls pleaded guilty in the 33rd Circuit Court to possessing child sexually abusive material (“CSAM”) and using a computer to commit a crime.

The charges carry maximum possible sentences of four years and seven years in prison, respectively. The sentence on the computer crime charge may be imposed consecutively to the CSAM charge.

Penfold will also be required to register as a sex offender under Michigan law.

According to an affidavit filed in the matter, Penfold’s employer was experiencing computer issues on its network and hired a company to investigate and solve the problems.

The company discovered suspicious activity on the network and indicated that it needed physical possession of the computer involved to conduct further investigation. The computer was turned over by Penfold to the employer and then to the company.

While working on the computer, the company discovered material that was believed to possibly contain CSAM and stopped all activity on the computer. They advised the employer who then contacted the Michigan State Police.

The State Police forensically reviewed the contents of the computer and detected 98 images that were tagged as possible child sexually abusive material. Five of the images were specifically described in the affidavit as appearing to include a child engaging in a sexual act.

In exchange for Penfold’s guilty pleas, the prosecution agreed to dismiss a third charge of larceny in a building. According to the affidavit, that charge related to Penfold taking the work computer from his employer without permission.

Penfold is scheduled to be sentenced by Judge Roy C. Hayes III on February 28.

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Man Sentenced to Prison for Domestic Violence

This morning in the 33rd Circuit Court in Charlevoix County, David Michael Thomas, 32, of East Jordan, was sentence to serve 16 to 60 months in prison following his conviction for domestic violence, third offense.

Thomas had pleaded guilty on December 20, 2019. He was initially charged with two counts of domestic violence, third offense and one count of attempted domestic violence.

According to an affidavit filed in the case, on September 23, 2019, Thomas engaged in assaults on two different victims, pushing one and striking another in the face. He also allegedly attempted to push a third.

Court documents show that Thomas had been convicted of three prior felony drug charges and 10 prior misdemeanors.


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