Charlevoix Man Sentenced to Prison for Possessing Methamphetamine Components

Nicolas Jeffery Kerr, 33, Charlevoix, was sentenced to serve 36 to 120 months in prison today in the 33rd Circuit Court following his conviction for possession of methamphetamine, as a habitual offender, 4th.

Kerr was originally charged with owning or possessing a chemical or laboratory equipment used to manufacture methamphetamine. In his plea hearing, Kerr acknowledged under oath that chemicals and equipment found in a duffle bag behind a local store in the City of Charlevoix belonged to him.

Though Kerr has served nearly a year in jail on this charge, he will receive no jail credit because he was on parole at the time of the offense due to a prior felony drug conviction.

According to a police affidavit filed in the matter, police were called to the location on March 1, 2019, and discovered a bag containing methamphetamine components including lithium batteries, a battery cutter, buprenorphine (Sudafed) and chemicals.

Police were told that the bag belonged to Kerr and in a recorded interview with police, Kerr discussed the items in the bag and how he utilized them to make methamphetamine.

“I want to thank the officers from the City of Charlevoix Police and Fire Departments as well as the Michigan State Police 7th District Clandestine Lab Response Team, who responded to the dangerous scene,” Telgenhof said. “The manufacture of methamphetamine is very dangerous and these officers defused a potentially hazardous situation.

The case was investigated by the Charlevoix City Police Department with assistance from the Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Office.

About Allen Telgenhof

Allen Telgenhof is the Charlevoix County Prosecuting Attorney; he has been an attorney since 1989 and a high school baseball coach since 2005. Graduated from Clio High School, Michigan State University and Thomas M. Cooley Law School. Proud father of Ty, Ally, Will and Lou and husband to Erin.
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