On the passing of Kraag Lieberman

I was so sad to learn of the passing of Kraag Lieberman earlier this week. Kraag was Charlevoix County Prosecuting Attorney from 1983 to 1992. He was a highly intelligent, highly respected part of our legal community.

Kraag was our E.F. Hutton (sorry to the younger readers who aren’t familiar with those 1980s commercials) – when he talked, people listened. Prosecutors and police officers knew that, when as a defense lawyer, Kraag said there was a problem with a case, they’d better take a close look.

He could be a man of few words but also had a wicked sense of humor. For Charlevoix Rayder sports fans, it is my understanding that he was a tremendous football player.

On a personal level, when I was considering a run for prosecuting attorney, Kraag was one of the very few people whose advice I sought before announcing. As always he provided wise counsel.

It may be an overused phrase but Kraag truly was a pillar of our legal community.



About Allen Telgenhof

Allen Telgenhof is the Charlevoix County Prosecuting Attorney; he has been an attorney since 1989 and a high school baseball coach since 2005. Graduated from Clio High School, Michigan State University and Thomas M. Cooley Law School. Proud father of Ty, Ally, Will and Lou and husband to Erin.
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